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Wendy Schrobilgen, Ph.D. (Toronto)

Email: schrobw@mcmaster.ca
Phone: 905-525-9140, ext. 224780
Office: TSH-504

Wendy Schrobilgen is Assistant Professor of Italian in the Department of Linguistics and Languages. A lover of words, she completed her doctoral (University of Toronto) thesis in the area of lexicology where she explored the effects of English language globalization on the Italian language. By examining the lexical choices made by Italian speakers on the Internet, she investigates the conceptual structuring of Italian Internet terminology.
The way in which these concepts are structured reveals information about the underlying categories of meaning to which they belong and uncovers denomination processes and patterns of Italian Internet language: She concludes that Italian Internet terminology is governed by a systematic set of morpho-syntactic rules in which Italian selects, uses, and lexicalizes terms based on core units of meaning.

Areas of interest: second language teaching and learning, corpus studies, lexicology, historical linguistics, dialectology, translation theory, and semiotics.
Prior to teaching at McMaster, she taught Italian language and linguistics courses in the Department of Language Studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga.