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PhD Students

Ala Al-Kajela

Email: alkajea@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Pragmatics and sociolinguistics (Neo-Aramaic and Arabic)-Politeness Theory, metaphor and idiomaticity
Supervisor: Dr. John Colarusso

Jitka Bartošová

Email: bartoj3@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Syntax-semantics interface, definiteness systems
Supervisor: Dr. Ivona Kučerová

Cassandra Chapman

Email: chapmc3@mcmaster.ca
Website: www.cassandrachapman.com
Research Interests: Sentence processing, syntax-semantics interface, syntactic reconstruction effects, effects of logical form on real-time processing, working memory
Supervisor: Dr. Ivona Kučerová

Angela Harrison

Email: harriav2@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Language and reading acquisition in children with deafness and language impairment, speech and sign language processing, deaf culture
Supervisor: Dr. John Connolly

Regina Henry

Email: henryr@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Executive function as a predictor of individual variation in reading skill in adolescents and young adults
Supervisor: Dr. Victor Kuperman

Constance Imbault

Email: imbaulcl@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Approach/avoidance behaviour and how it is effected by individual and group differences, including shyness/sociability, bilingualism, gender, etc.
Supervisor: Dr. Victor Kuperman

Anastasia Lazenkas

Email: kodopos@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Aging and Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics
Supervisor: Dr. Anna Moro

Richard Mah

Email: mahrl@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Disorders of consciousness, applications of machine learning to EEG
Supervisor: Dr. John Connolly

Ana Nunes

Email: nunesa2@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
Supervisor: Dr. Elisabet Service


Gaisha Oralova

Email: oralovag@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Chinese linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Visual and spoken word recognition in Chinese.
Supervisor: Dr. John Connolly

Kyle Ruiter

Email: ruiterki@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: ERP investigation of language deficiencies in concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries
Supervisor: Dr. John Connolly

Mackenzie Salt

Email: saltms@mcmaster.ca
Website: mcmaster.academia.edu/MackenzieSalt
Research Interests: Pragmatics, pragmatic impairments, language and autism spectrum disorder, discourse analysis, language and mental health, language and identity, corpus linguistics
Supervisors: Dr. John Connolly, Dr. Peter Szatmari

Bryor Snefjella

Email: snefjebn@mcmaster.ca
Website: www.bryorsnefjella.com
Research Interests: Corpus linguistics, embodied cognition, emotion and language processing, psychological distance
Supervisor: Dr. Victor Kuperman

Edalat Shekari

Email: shekare@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: First and Second Language Processing; Working Memory & Bilingualism; SLA
Supervisor: Dr. Elisabet Service

Narcisse Torshizi

Email: torshizin@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Neurolinguistics, working memory and complex word processing, bilingualism and identity, discourse analysis, translation theory
Supervisors: Dr. Elisabet ServiceDr. Magda Stroinska

Karen Tucker

Email: tuckeke@mcmaster.ca
Supervisor: Dr. John Connolly

Chelsea Whitwell

Email: whitwelc@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Second language acquisition, second language syntax-semantics, third language acquisition
Supervisors: Dr. Ivona Kučerová, Dr. Elisabet Service

MSc Students

Laura Beaudin

Email: beaudilm@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Language processing, L2 acquisition, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis
Supervisor: Dr. Magda Stroinska

Michael Greencorn

Email: greencom@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Reading span, working memory, dementia, texting, syntax-semantics interface, Japanese and Korean linguistics
Supervisor: Dr. Elisabet Service

Kenny Luk

Email: luks@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Speech perception and production, bilingualism, language acquisition
Supervisor: Dr. Elisabet Service & Dr. Daniel Pape

Fareeha Rana

Email: ranafs@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Compositionality of words, bilingualism
Supervisor: Dr. Magda Stroinska

Sara Sturino

Email: sturinos@mcmaster.ca
Research Interests: Theoretical Syntax
Supervisor: Dr. Ivona Kučerová