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Undergraduate research: Honors Thesis, Independent Study, and Research Practicum

The department offers a variety of research opportunities for undergraduate students, ranging from honors thesis and independent studies to research practicums.

The procedure for requesting a permission to be enrolled in honors thesis (LINGUIST 4Y06) or independent study (any 4II3 course) can be found here. If you are interested in a research practicum (LINGUIST 3RP3), please inquire directly with the faculty member you would like to work with.

Guidelines for Honours Thesis, including a suggested grading scheme can be found here.

Information about SLP practicum  and  TESL practicum here.

Please note that majority of the research conducted in the department involves human participants and as such falls under the jurisdiction of the McMaster Research Ethics Board. If you plan on doing research involving human participants for your project you should be aware that you will have to apply for a clearance of the board. It is advisable that you do so early on (for thesis preferably by the end of October) as the review process takes some time. Application forms, tips etc. can be found at the MREB website and here.