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Deciphering Various Inscriptions with John Colarusso

Dr. Colarusso has been deciphering various inscriptions sent to him by two scholars in the Sochi region, Majid Khusht and Andrey Kizilov.

Two of the three have been deciphered and have been in an old form of a language called Ubykh, originally indigenous to Sochi and its area.  ‘Sochi’, in fact, is Ubykh for “sea-shore’, /shwo-ch’yi/.

A third one, the longest one by far, is currently being examined by Dr. Colarusso and by his very first student, Doug Hitch (PhD, Harvard).  It is in an unknown script that resembles some of the writing systems that Dr. Hitch has studied.  He had help with the first two from Prof. Sean Corner of our Classics Department.