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Dr. Vikki Cecchetto

It is with great sadness that we have to let you know that Dr. Vikki Cecchetto passed away early Thursday morning, peacefully, in her sleep. She spent her final days at the Juravinski Hospital Hamilton with her closest family. She was just two weeks shy of her milestone 70th birthday.

Okay is a single, simple word. It is possibly the most successful linguistic export from American English to the rest of the world (Metcalf, 2010; Read, 1963a; Read, 1963b).

People constantly use concepts and word meaning to recognize entities and objects in their environment, to anticipate how entities will behave and interact with one another, to know how objects should be used, and to understand language.

It has been noted that adverbial clauses can precede or follow the main clause with which they are associated and that there are crosslinguistic tendencies that account for ordering preferences in given languages.

Syntactic theories are often evaluated using something like Occam’s razor – we syntacticians typically prefer the theory with the smallest set of grammatical operations.

The presentation will begin by describing an overall model that synthesizes the contextual and intraindividual factors that contribute to L2 learning and then shift to the ubiquitous topic of cross-linguistic transfer.