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Sid Segalowitz
Brock University
When Do We Know the Meaning of a Word (or a Picture), and What Does this Meaning Mean?
– Wednesday November 23nd, 3:30 pm, BSB 104

Language Matters

The Department of Linguistics and Languages would like to invite all those who are interested in language issues to the next lecture in our LANGUAGE MATTERS series.

Ellen Lau
University of Maryland
Neural Investigations into Syntactic and Semantic Combination: from Beginning to End
– Wednesday November 2nd, 3:30 pm, BSB 104

Lyn Turkstra
(McMaster University, formerly of the University of Wisconsin)
Measuring social cognition in spoken and written communication
– Wednesday September 28, 3:30 pm, BSB 104


Congratulations go out to Zoë Waelchli, Heather Stephens and Daniel Schmidtke