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Karsten Steinhauer
(McGill University)
Factors modulating ERP signatures of L2 acquisition and L1 attrition
– Monday, April 11, 4:00 pm, TSH 201

David Poeppel
(Max Planck Institute and New York University)
Speech is special and language is structured
– Wednesday, March 23, 3:30pm, TSH 203

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The department hosted this spring the first Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton workshop in syntax. We are glad to announce that the proceedings from the workshop were published by the McGill Working Papers in Linguistics and can be found here.

Dr. John Colarusso, professor of Linguistics and Anthropology at McMaster has recently been named as the key player in deciphering some mysterious inscriptions on ancient Greek vases. Traditionally Classicists assumed that those inscriptions, in Greek letters, were only gibberish

The world’s largest collection of free data is located right at our fingertips. But what’s to be done when the desired sample size is so vast it could take weeks, months or even years to collect and process via conventional Internet browsing? Enter McMaster assistant professor Victor Kuperman. Throughout the past year, Kuperman and two McMaster PhD candidates have been reading and studying roughly 1.8 million blogs and webpages from 340,000 websites around the globe using a fleet of high-powered computers in Togo Salmon Hall. The sites are personal, commercial and governmental in nature.