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Graduate Studies in the Cognitive Science of Language

Based in the Department of Linguistics and Languages, the graduate program (MSc; PhD) in the Cognitive Science of Language is interdisciplinary and includes faculty from Humanities, Science, and Health Sciences. The program has a strong research orientation and has expertise in several areas of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Sociolinguistics,  Phonetics and Psycholinguistics.  The faculty affiliated with the program conducts research and offers graduate courses and student supervision in the areas of the Cognitive Science of Language:

  • Theoretical
  • Experimental (Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics)
  • Computational
  • Applied (Clinical linguistics, Sociolinguistics)

A detailed description of the faculty involved and research currently conducted in the department can be found here.

Linguistic research of our faculty spans over languages as diverse as Aramaic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean and Serbian. There is also a research focus on languages and myths of Caucasus, including Abkhaz, Ubykh and Kabarda (Dr. Colarusso). Finally, several languages are taught at the Department: Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The breadth of faculty research areas provides a rich environment for graduate training. The graduate program introduces students to the issues in those fields that form the nexus of cognitive science, linguistics, and languages and trains them in the research methods employed to study those issues. Our graduate program provides flexibility so that students can optimize their studies around their own areas of interest. There is a strong collegial environment in the program that supports intellectual interactions among faculty and students that may give students the opportunity of conducting research projects with more than one faculty member. If the information you are looking for is related to a particular faculty member, then we encourage you to visit their web pages which can be accessed from our faculty web page and to contact them directly, by e-mail or by telephone.
Application deadline: January 31 (International Students) March 31 (Domestic Students)



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