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M. Sc. Degree

Applicants will be eligible for admission if they hold a four-year Honours undergraduate degree in one of the following disciplines, and fulfill McMaster’s School of Graduate Studies general requirements ( Linguistics; Psychology, Neuroscience; Speech Sciences; Health Sciences; Communication Studies; Multimedia; Computer Science; and Engineering. Some applicants may require additional courses in core areas (e.g., linguistics or psychology) in order to be eligible for admission. Each application will be evaluated on an individual basis.


4 half courses plus one pass/fail modules

Required Courses:

Additional Requirements

(this is a Pass/Fail course):

M.Sc. Thesis.

The M.Sc. Thesis is a work of original research (empirical or theoretical) under the supervision of a participating faculty member and evaluated by a thesis committee established by the department. The thesis must be submitted by August of the second year of the M.Sc. program.

Lecture Series

All students are expected to attend the talks in the Cognitive Science of Language Lecture Series, where scholars from around the world in the fields of Linguistics, Psychology, and Cognitive Neuroscience discuss their research.