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Anna L. Moro, Ph.D. (Toronto)

Phone: 905-525-9140, ext. 26546
Office: CNH-112

Dr. Anna L. Moro (PhD University of Toronto 1999) is an Associate Professor in Linguistics. She specializes in socio-historical linguistics and language contact phenomena, and has published articles on language change, morphophonology, etymology, dialectology, and creoles. She is also interested in forensic linguistics, corpus-based approaches to the study of language, and clinical applications of sociolinguistics. In fact her current research examines clinical applications (neuropsychology) of insights from contact phenomena. Dr. Moro is the author of a book on old Neapolitan (Munich, 2003) that explores morphophonology and analogical leveling through several centuries using methods from corpus linguistics. More recently (2007) she co-edited a volume examining the explanatory adequacy of certain theoretical approaches in linguistics.

Dr. Moro has received recognition for her teaching, including the MSU Teaching Award (2003), the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2005), and the OCUFA (Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations) Teaching Award, 2006.