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Elisabet Service, Ph.D. (Helsinki)

Phone: 905-525-9140, ext. 21352
Office: TSH-505

Elisabet Service started at McMaster University as Assistant Professor in 2008. She was educated in Finland with a double Master’s degree in psychology and linguistics and a Ph.D. in psychology (University of Helsinki, 1990). Her research has revolved around the question of how general cognitive resources interact with language knowledge to support language-related behaviour, such as second-language learning, reading, spelling and sentence comprehension. She has been particularly interested in how working memory capacity should be characterized to explain individual differences and impairments in the processing of specific kinds of language information. These include phonological, orthographic and morphological forms, as well as syntactic and semantic complexity.

Dr. Service has supervised a great number of graduate students in the past, including students in psychology, linguistics, translation studies, French, English and speech-language pathology. Her lab (together with Professor John Connolly) combines experimental behavioural methods and collaborative research studying brain responses with different methodologies (ERP, MEG, fMRI). New students interested in how humans learn and process language are welcome.