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  • Recent CogSciL PhD Mackenzie Salt on Autism Reasearch

    The McMaster Autism Research Team (MacART) is proud to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

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  • McMaster Linguistics Society Presents the IPA SPELLING BEE……..Winners!!

    The 2nd McMaster IPA Spelling Bee may have been a lot of fun and some free pizza but it was also a serious test of Phonetics, IPA, and the ability to hear, deconstruct and transcribe pretty difficult words from English, German, Polish and Bzhedukh, a West Circassian language.

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  • Proud of our Ontario Japanese Speech Contest Winners!!

    Three students from Prof. Sonomi Iwata-Consul’s Japanese 2ZZ3 class participated in this year’s Ontario Japanese speech contest.  

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  • Career Opportunities When You Graduate

    Linguistics majors have a wide variety of career opportunities. Find out more!

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